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Switching to CorpXervices as your Corporate Secretary is a simple one step process, and our Client Service team will help to handle the rest.

We based on your basic information to proceed with the quick switching step:

  • Call or email us on your switch.
  • We would understand your present and future needs and expectations from us. It serves as guidance in preparing a customized service proposal and package for you.
  • Your assigned Corporate Service Executive will prepare the required documents for the switch, such as the termination notice to your previous service provider.
  • The existing service provider will be notified and we shall arrange for the safe transfer of your company’s statutory files to us.
  • All the necessary lodgment to ACRA and update on the change will be taking care by us.
  • We will review and advise you on your company financial year end status and advise accordingly on the submission due date or late payment penalty if any.

Requirement of Corporate Secretary

It’s is statutory requirement of having someone who is locally resident in Singapore, to act as secretary of the Company. A sole director cannot act as Secretary at the same time.

Compliance Needs and Annual Obligations

CorpXervices cater to your compliance needs and provide you with a suitably qualified Corporate Secretary to ensure annual obligations to the authorities in the most cost effective way. The appointment of a Corporate Secretary is to be approved by the Directors of the Company before acting so.

Our corporate secretarial team is dedicated to assist entrepreneurs who are looking for:

  • someone who equipped with knowledge of the Companies Act (Chapter 50)
  • ensure the filing of annual return to ACRA on a timely basis and avoid unnecessary fines
  • someone to prepare standard annual general meeting documents
  • to assist in documentation and advisory work relating to changes in directors, shareholders, company share capital amongst many other corporate changes of the company

To ensure the Corporate Secretary is an individual who fully understands of his roles and responsibilities, companies should ideally seek individuals who meet any one of the following requirements:

  • Is a qualified person under the Legal Profession Act; or
  • A public accountant registered under the Accountants Act; or
  • A Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore; or
  • A Member of the Singapore Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (“SAICSA”).

It is essential for companies to have someone bearing knowledge of the Companies’ Act and equipped with sufficient experience in the industry, taking into consideration the nature of secretary’s responsibilities.

Key Roles of a Corporate Secretary

The basic routine duties carry out by the Corporate Secretary comprise the following:

  • Serving as a liaison for directors, officers, and shareholders
  • Coordinating and drafting minutes of meetings of directors and shareholders;
  • Maintain and update the company’s registers and minutes books;
  • Ensure compliance with statutory requirements under the Companies Act;
  • Ensure compliance with the company’s Constitutions;
  • Advise the company on and attend to the appropriate electronic filings with the ACRA for changes within the company within the prescribed timeframes as set out by the ACRA;
  • Certify the company’s records at the auditors’ request for their annual statutory audits
  • Stay updated on relevant developments and changes in statutory and regulatory obligations
  • Ensure safe custody and proper use of the company seal, if applicable; and
  • Communicate to the company and its directors any relevant changes in statutory law on a timely manner

Switch to CorpXervices.

We at CorpXervices are professional in every objective that we perform, to provide you the best kind of service ever possible.

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