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Strike Off a Company in Singapore: Failure To File Annual Returns

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) can strike off a company in Singapore if there is a reasonable cause to believe that the business is not in operation. One valid reason is when a company fails to submit annual returns (ARs) for consecutive years. According to Section 197b of [...]

2021-07-27T15:23:36+08:00July 27th, 2021|Strike Off Company Singapore|0 Comments

Local Company Strike Off According to ACRA

When you strike off a company, it simply means that you are removing it from the Register of Companies. Striking off is a cost-effective approach to closing down a business. It has, however, some requirements that need to be met. For more information, see our striking off services. Aside from [...]

2021-05-30T18:09:16+08:00May 22nd, 2021|Strike Off Company Singapore|0 Comments