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SingPass: Why You Need It When You Incorporate in Singapore

Singapore Personal Access or SingPass is a digital signature that allows entrepreneurs to transact with over 60 government agencies in Singapore. It was launched in 2003 and is currently being managed by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech). The SingPass system is reviewed regularly to ensure that a secure transaction is [...]

Who Reviews Company Registration in Singapore?

A key step in the process of company registration in Singapore is to obtain approval from the appropriate referral authorities. Several key bodies and institutions review company registration applications in Singapore. Business owners only need to approach certain ones that are specific to the line of business or the company [...]

How Can Foreigners Register A Company In Singapore?

Singapore has been consistently ranked as one of the best countries to set up a business. Foreign investors are eager to register a company in the country due to its robust economy, strategic location, excellent connectivity, and favourable business environment, to mention a few.  Fortunately, foreigners who want to set [...]

Government Agencies That Help Setting Up A Company In Singapore

Setting up a company in Singapore can be a daunting task, especially to new business owners. As an entrepreneur, you will be required to submit certain documents to various agencies in Singapore before you can register your business. Familiarizing yourself with these government agencies will help you complete the registration [...]

Company Registration: Key Points for Foreigners in Singapore

The Lion City has been consistently ranked as one of the top international destinations for entrepreneurs looking to set up shop. The ease of investment, favourable economic conditions, and high quality of life are just some of the factors that contribute to its popularity. In our previous article, we already [...]

How to Register a Company in Singapore: An Indian Entrepreneur’s Guide

Over the past decade, it has become more common for entrepreneurs from India to register a company in Singapore. While India is a well-known industrial hub where many businesses set up shop, doing business in India is not always easy, and many businesspeople dream of expanding their empires beyond their [...]

Registering a Company in Singapore: Guide for Small Business Owners

Singapore’s business-friendly economy makes it a top choice for entrepreneurs who want to build their careers by starting a small business. If you have the same thing in mind, read on to know more about the things you need to prepare before launching your own company. Things to Remember When [...]

How to Register a Company in Singapore: A Guide for Foreigners

Singapore’s surging economy makes it a top choice for foreigners who want to establish a company in the city-state. With its highly urbanised setting, strong industry, and vigorous investment condition, foreigners are convinced to invest in the country. In this article, we discuss some important details on how to [...]