Bookkeeping is the lodging down of financial transactions such as expenses, assets, liabilities, and income of the business. Small businesses in the competitive business market have to grow quickly, and for that, they need proper bookkeeping services. Mentioned below are a few reasons why small businesses need bookkeeping and accounting services in Singapore.

Even small business need bookkeeping services

Fast Growth

Every business wants fast and steady growth, but it isn’t always easy to progress. Outsourcing bookkeeping services help you pay attention to what matters more to the business such as finding synergy by merging with different companies for an increase in growth and revenue as well as lower cost. 

Small businesses need new innovative ideas to fuel their growth, such as marketing of new services or products that the business offer. For this to happen, the business needs to hire bookkeeping services so that its key players can dedicate their time to grow the business instead of busy tracking transactions.


Bookkeeping services consist of a group of professionals who are very efficient at their job. They are trained to note down transactions, therefore the chances of missing or making any false transactions are very slim. If something seems wrong in the bookkeeping, they are fast to notice. They act quickly to eradicate problems and bring things back in line. Usually, accounting services in Singapore consist of companies that have CPAs (Certified Public Accountants). They are always aware of the fast-changing laws and current market trends. Businesses won’t have to worry about going in the wrong direction with their transactions or missing out on the chance to invest in other important ventures because they will be aware of their profit and how much they can spend monthly or yearly.


Businesses can save up on a lot of expenses, such as the cost of hiring a person within the company to handle the bookkeeping plus training. Also, if the number of transactions in the company is low, hiring an employee might not make economic sense since they will only be needed on a weekly or monthly basis. After hiring a resource within the company, the business also has to pay employee benefits, incentives, bonuses, etc. All of these expenses can add up to be quite substantial for the business.

Presentable Financial Reports

Small businesses crave growth, and businesses need investors to come in and explore to provide them with funds and opportunities to grow. Financial statements are the platform to disseminate information to potential investors of the business. Hence, bookkeeping services make sure that all financial statements are up to date, accurate and balanced. Bookkeeping services can help make financial statements more presentable due to their experience and professionalism in the field. This helps draw more investors because the information is easily communicated to them.

In conclusion, it is vital for every small business in Singapore to acquire bookkeeping services as it is a legal requirement by the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore) and also for the growth and sustainability of the business. You should know that these services save businesses from many risks that could hurt them irreparably. The benefits of using bookkeeping and accounting services in Singapore easily outweigh the cons.

Bee Hua has many years of experience in financial & management accounting, goods & services tax and payroll across diverse industries.
Bee Hua has many years of experience in financial & management accounting, goods & services tax and payroll across diverse industries.
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