No matter the size of the company, businesses turn to the top 30 accounting firms in Singapore to receive excellent accounting and bookkeeping records. Using these services is so important because they help keep the awareness about the specifications of ACRA and IRAS.

looking at the top 30 accounting firms in singapore

Employing accounting firms in Singapore is an option that many companies choose. Businesses trust these professional services because they help achieve financial objectives.  

In this article, we list the top 30 accounting firms in Singapore. See them below:

  1. KPMG Singapore. The firm has experienced professionals who can deliver audit and non-audit solutions regarding a variety of matters (e.g., financial processes and accounting practices). 
  2. PwC Singapore. It takes pride in its resources to grant the expertise necessary, whether local or international. Through their networks, they can provide advice about approved accounting practices.
  3. EY Singapore. EY’s professionals provide aid when problems emerge during changes in business practices, accounting regulations and requirements, and other related situations.
  4. Deloitte Singapore. Among the top 30 accounting firms in Singapore, Deloitte focuses on developing and evolving companies. They provide a range of accounting services that deal with recording, organisation, and analytical areas.
  5. RSM Singapore. The company excels in a multitude of business and suggests opportunities for businesses. They work to improve operations, management and other aspects. 
  6. BDO Singapore. This firm emphasises quickness and efficiency when it comes to deliverables. Its main advantages are its networks, professionals, accessibility, latest auditing info, a comprehensive system, and more.
  7. Foo Kon Tan. They combine their expertise and skills to grant businesses an integrated collection of services. They have a complete range of services and adjust them according to the needs of the client.
  8. Baker Tilly TFW. When hired, a young and energetic team will grant businesses with the best advice. Their clients range from family businesses to global multinational companies. They promise to deliver beyond their client’s requirements.
  9. Nexia TS Public Accounting Corporation. With a full range of accounting services, this firm studies their clients well and determines the potential risks of the business. They help clients in keeping up with the updated and complex regulations.
  10. Crowe Horwath First Trust. Their focal point is the future and the experience of their clients. When working with businesses, they establish trust. Having an international services network, they deliver solutions to financial institutions and large companies.
  11. Moore Stephens. Servicing a different range of clients, the firm offers practical solutions to accomplish their objectives. Their goal is to go beyond compliance problems and look ahead of numbers.
  12. Mazars. This company not only services large corporations, but it also helps small businesses and individuals. They don’t just go for delivering high-quality services. They master the different areas of accounting and make their goal to exceed the latest standards.
  13. PKF Singapore. A firm that delivers high-quality services, wherein their client is at the helm. This approach enables PKF to accommodate the requirements of the company that employs them.
  14. HLB Atrede. Although the firm is relatively young, HLB Altrede manages to earn a spot in the top 30 accounting firms in Singapore. It is a local firm with connections worldwide. They keep their clients well-informed to meet the demands of a fast-changing economy.
  15. Lo Hock Ling & Co. The accounting and consultancy firm is a medium-sized company (in terms of number of employees) that caters to different sectors. Having multinational companies as their clients, they have a solid reputation in a range of accounting and consultancy areas. Adding value to businesses is what they deliver.
  16. Uhy Lee Seng Chan & Co. This company of chartered accountants employs professionals of various disciplines. Their group allows them to plot solutions for the opportunities and challenges of clients.
  17. CA Trust Pac. The firm places importance on innovative solutions. They deliver unbiased and independent reports to arm clients with the best decisions when it comes to their business.
  18. BSL Group. The company thrives on being a one-stop solutions provider and leader. A wide range of highly specialised financial services are offered to their clients (corporations and individuals). The BSL Group outsources their talents for an efficient, focused and reliable delivery.
  19. Cypress Singapore Public Accounting Corporation. The company extends its services beyond the city-state. They are one of the top 30 accounting firms in Singapore that grant solutions to different business issues outside across the country. They cater to a broad range of industries.
  20. Ardent. This relatively young accounting firm is guided by their catchphrase: “Client Focused. Excellence Driven.” They combine their extensive know-how with their global network to bring a kind of support that businesses entail. 
  21. Ng, Lee & Associates. The company mentions its use of new technologies to practice the best actions when it comes to business. This approach equips clients in the face of global competition. It also provides services to NGOs and charities that practice their expertise.  
  22. Robert Yam & Co. The auditing firm concentrates on personalised services. They determine the distinctive requirements of businesses and offer tailor solutions to issues. They also provide consultancy services. They help a wide range of businesses including law firms, small-to-medium enterprises, and subsidiaries. 
  23. Hawksford Singapore. The company helps individuals and large entities—from private clients to multinational companies. They have experienced and certified accountants to help organise the intricacies of regulations, making the company compliant.
  24. RT. This firm is a believer of reinvented traditional service offerings. For more than 40 years, they have provided clients with business advice and aid in statutory compliance. Their deliver digital, legal and financial solutions. They have networks in Southeast Asia, Australia and the USA.
  25. Precursor Assurance Pac. The company has strong connections and delivers a full range of services and solutions in the corporate and advisory areas. They are among the youngest in this top 30 accounting firms in Singapore. 
  26. Heng Lee Seng. The medium-sized firm has over 40 years of experience in the accounting industry. They have clients as small as individual taxpayers and as large as multinational corporations. A lot of their clients are owner-managed and are in the service, investment holding, trading, NGO, construction, and manufacturing areas.
  27. Kreston David Yeung Pac. This company is backed by decades of experience in a number of professional services. The mid-size company is affiliated with Kreston International, a network that has members in more than 100 companies.
  28. Reanda Adept Pac. The public accounting corporation delivers services beyond traditional auditing and taxation. They offer a variety of personalised services to different industries.
  29. Infinity Assurance. This firm believes in adapting to changes in order to deliver client-focused services. They have a team of experienced accountants who are knowledgeable about various industries.
  30. Helmi Talib & Co. The young, full-service firm provides its services to small businesses, multinational companies and startups. They employ a team of qualified auditors who understand the complexities of regulatory and financial areas.

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Bee Hua has many years of experience in financial & management accounting, goods & services tax and payroll across diverse industries.
Bee Hua has many years of experience in financial & management accounting, goods & services tax and payroll across diverse industries.
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