Accounting graduates in Singapore and overseas would be looking to start their careers in different industries. CPA firms in Singapore have managed to attract thousands of graduates to launch their fledgeling careers and had remained a top employment base for many. Those that had left CPA firms and ventured into the commercial space as fully qualified accountants had done well for themselves career-wise.

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CPA firms in Singapore offer many benefits for young minds embarking on their long term career journey. Among them include seasoned professionals and managers and team members, strong industry knowledge and know-how and client base, good infrastructure and support functions. These are some of the qualities and working environment that young graduates should look out for in a CPA firm.

Seasoned professionals and qualified accountants

A strong mentor and manager go a long way in developing ones’ technical and soft skills in a CPA firm. Young graduates in a CPA firm would be able to learn the best practices in the accounting industry, be it tax or audit from seasoned professionals who had been in the CPA firm for years. Proper guidance and strong mentorship can fast track a graduate’s accounting and finance proficiency. A firm’s reputation hinges upon the professionals and human resource talent pool and CPA firms that have such strong talent pool are places a young graduate should be in order to grow. Being in a firm with competitive talent pool could positively motivate a person to be better in terms of technical and non-technical skills.

Diversified client base and strong industry knowledge

CPA firms with large reputable clients that are industry leaders would be one of the key qualities an accounting professional should look for in a firm. By being part of the project handling these clients, accounting professionals would be able to learn the best industry practices that are valuable in the marketplace. Accounting professionals can choose to specialise in certain sectors such as banking or asset management after learning the ropes from top-notch client base. Professionals are able to network with their clients from different departments and enhance their market knowledge.

Good infrastructure and support functions

Proper resources and tools are keys to maintaining high work efficiency. CPA firms that provide such resources would naturally be a strong firm. CPA firms in Singapore that provide comprehensive tools—from laptops and software analytics to printers—would be categorised as a leading firm that professionals should strive to enter. Large reputable CPA firms that has different department from due diligence to valuation specialists are qualities a good firm should possess as professionals with different skill sets can come together and complete and important auditing project. For example, an auditing project sometimes requires independent valuation specialist to review the assets of the client. The valuation specialist can be called upon to assist on the project.

Bottom Line

Accounting firms in Singapore remain one of the best places to launch one’s career. A good firm will support a person’s professional career and some will have sponsorship for a graduate to obtain their professional accounting qualification. A professional should keep in mind these qualities when looking to launch their career in a good CPA firm.

Bee Hua has many years of experience in financial & management accounting, goods & services tax and payroll across diverse industries.
Bee Hua has many years of experience in financial & management accounting, goods & services tax and payroll across diverse industries.
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